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Your donation will contribute to assisting with critical medical needs for children who are lacking access to the care they need. It will help with check ups, surgeries, special healthcare needs and more.

That the world needs orphanages is a sad reality. We don’t live in the perfect world where every child have a loving home and all necessities of a happy life. There is poverty, strife, and hunger all across the world and simply not enough goodwill to go around. We as a Foundation/Organization will aim on improving the situation of thousands of orphans in Guyana by changing the shape of the traditional orphanages and will aim to provide more modern and natural temporary homes for them.

Through the successful setup of our organization, we aim to provide shelters that are exemplary to the Guyanese communities by making sure there is an adequate amount of (caregivers and foster programs). This will ensure that occupants are provided with safe shelter, health care, and education job training for young teens that are ready to step out into the world among other benefits, and to better educate the public about child abandonment and neglect in Guyana.

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