LMB Children Foundation

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LMB Children Foundation

LMB Children Foundation – is looking to identify, establish, and develop children’s orphanages in the Guyanese communities and to present a plan for successful modern children shelters in the future. Our orphanages aim to make a change in the lives of children’s that will reach out to us for help we want to provide a sense of security with a modern facility and all necessities they must feel safe and protected from all external dangers.

Our organization is to provide the children of Guyana who are orphaned, for several reasons such as abandonment, disability, abuse, neglect, and loss of parent background with, safe and healthy housing, food, and sustainable development in the long term. We want to ensure they become stronger and well-rounded individuals after they leave our doors, this will be doing by rehabilitating the children with interpersonal development, health care, and the building of their self-esteem through therapy and self-empowerment. Also general learning skills through education in farming, fishing, crafts, and other technical industries that are required. They should be in an environment where they feel safe, loved and we want to ensure that they are given that all through their lives. Our vision is to show members of society that every child regardless of their needs, races, genders, and religious background deserves a loving childhood and to be treated with dignity love care and can become productive members of society.

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